Access Control

Access control limits access to building and properties to those who have authorization to enter. Access control means you know who goes where and when they do it. Access control uses a series of devices and/or identification methods at various points of entry. This means that only persons permitted to be on the grounds are present. Also, can mean that you know where those persons are at all times. Locks and Keys are the basic form of access control but for the future high-tech, digital access control programs are growing in both commercial and residential areas.

Electronic access control is access control using card readers, biometric devices, keypads or a combination of these technologies. These are the tools that restrict the entrance of people in and out of properties. Only persons with proper id and authorization will be permitted to enter.
Which doors/gates are used and when will be digitally recorded and kept track of on digital memory.


  • Tenants of Office Buildings
  • Government / Military Personnel
  • Students
  • Parking Lots / Garages
  • Bank and Insurance Company Personnel
  • Prisons and Jails
  • Day Care Parents
  • Health Club Members
  • Hotel Employees
  • Factory Workers
  • Condominium Owners
  • Warehouse Staffing
  • Airport Employees
  • Computer Room Personnel
  • Government Offices
  • Library / Public Building Staffing
  • Many, Many More


ID Devices
This is the ID that allows a person to enter or restricts a person from entering a controlled property. Some ID forms of access control include: Electronic keys/tags, a flat photo ID, a PIN (personal identification number), facial scanners, fingerprint readers, voice recognition, and many other forms.

Access Control Readers
Readers come in different styles and colors. Also they can be low profile brass and stainless, steel, theft proof. Access Control Readers may be large systems connected to a door controller or small stand alone units at each point of entry. These are the device that allow access to a property by reading and ID device. They can read ID's, fingerprints, a numerical code or a magnetic encoded piece of data. Different readers such as a PIN, magnetic strip, proximity or biometric readers can meet the needs of nearly any environment.

Door Controllers
This may be used on all doors and also at elevators, parking gates or any other point of entry. Each door may have two or four capacity, a door controller is the main component of a multi-door access control system. A door controller decides whether or not is okay for a person to enter based upon the information received by the access control reader.

PC Administration (optional)
This is the simplest way to monitor and manage an access control system. A personal computer tracks the entry/exit and locations of person on the property. With a high number of entry points and a large number of authorized persons this is the easiest way to manage. Remote sites can be linked to the central network controller; modem, fiber optic, radio or microwave link. Many system are capable of using both MS-DOS or MS Windows-based access control administration software.


To Academic Building
Access to Debit Information
To Student Union Access to Sports Events
To Library Access to Dances and Other Activities
To Dorms Access to Computer
To Gym Access to Campus
To Laundry Service Access to Parking Area
To Bathrooms Access to Web kiosk
To Classrooms Access to Library Books

Access Control Components

100R/PIN120- F/PIN Single Door Access Controller
  • RF / PIN Single Door Access Controller
  • 512 CArd Holders
  • Built-In 4" (10cm) RF Reader (100R)
  • Independent 5 Inputs, 4 Outputs (2 Outputs Relays)
  • External Reader Port (100R)
  • All I/O's and Operating Times user Front Programmable
  • Communication via RS232 (100R)
  • Back Lighting on Keypad (100R)

RFL200/RFL200C- Stand Alone Single Door Controller

  • Single Door Access Controller
  • Direct Drive to Door Lock
  • Up to 4" (10cm) Read Range with IDC 170 card / IDC80 Card
  • 512 Card Holders Including One Master Card
  • Standalone (RFL200) Network Communication (RFL200C) via Repeated
  • RS485 (Max. 256 ch)
  • Selectable power Fail Safe Secure Locks
  • Low Active Exit Button input
  • Epoxy Potted
  • 100% Waterproof

ICON100- Single Door Access Control Pane

  • Single Door Access Controller
  • Dynamic Control of Memory up to 10,000 Card Holders / 7,000 Events
  • 10 Time Schedules and Holiday Schedules
  • Communication via RS232 / RS422, TCP / IP (Max. 32 ch)
  • 2 Proximity Reader Ports (26 Wiegand, ABA, trackll Magstripe, 8 bir burst (PIN)
  • Independent 4 Inputs and Outputs Including 2 Output Relays


RF10 / RF20 / RF TINY- Proximity Card Reader

  • Read Range: up to 4" (10cm)
  • Wiegand, RS232, ABA Track II Format Available
  • Metal Door frames, mullion (RF10, TINY) and wall Mount (RF20)
  • PSK, FSK, ASK Modulation
  • Epoxy Potted
  • 100% Waterproof

FINGER007- Fingerprints & Proximity Access Controller

  • Fingerprints & Proximity Single Door Access Controller
  • Dual Function for Access Control and Time and Attendance
  • 720 Fingerprints Holders / 5,200 Event Buffers (2,000/4,500 Fingerprints optional)
  • Built In 4" (10cm) Proximity Reader and Fingerprints Module
  • Standalone/Network Communication via RS232/RS422, TCP/IP (Max. 32ch)
  • RF Only, RF+ Finger, PIN + Finger (FINGER007P), RF + P/W + Finger
  • Dual Fingerprints Registration ( FINGER007D)
  • Independent 4 Inputs/4 Outputs Including 2 Form-C Relay Outputs
  • External reader Port forAnti-Pass back operation

FACE007- Facial Recognition & Proximity

  • Facial Recognition & Proximity Single Door Access Controller
  • Dual Function for Access Control and Time & Attendance
  • 3,900 Facial Image / 5,200 Event (7,800 Facial Image Optional)
  • Built-In 4" (10cm) RF Reader and Facial Recognition Module
  • RF Only, RF + Face, PIN + Face, RF+ P/W + Face
  • Independent 4 Inputs/4 Outputs including 2 Form-C Relay Outputs
  • External Reader Port for Anti-Pass back operation
  • Dual Tamper Switches
  • Standalone/Network Communication via RS232/RS422, TCP/IP (Max 256 ch)

FGR006/FGR006EX- Fingerprints Reader

  • Proximity and fingerprint Verification
  • Stores up to 720/2,000/4,500 fingerprints
  • Dual Fingerprints Registration
  • Fast Verification Time Less 1 Sec.
  • RF Only, RF+ Finger Mode
  • Built-In 4' Proximity Reader
  • External Reader Port to Work with existing Proximity Reader (PSK, ASK, FSK) or Keypad/Barcode/Magstripe Reader (FGR006EX)
  • IRDA Communication Port for Upload/Download Fingerprints using wireless PDA or NoteBook PC
  • Wiegand, ABA Track II Output
  • Addressable RS485/RS422 Communication port for Network Communication (Max 256 Ch)
  • Mode Selection of 2 Way Fingerprints Download (directly or indirectly)

505R/505M- Time and Attendance Access Control

  • Single Door Access Controller
  • Dynamic Control of memory up to 10,000 Card Holders/7,000 Events
  • Built-In 4" (10 cm) RF Reader
  • Standalone/Network Communication via RS232/RS422 (Max. 32 ch) TCP/IP
  • RF Only, RF + Passwoed (4 digit), PIN Only (4-6 digit) -505R
  • Magnetic Card+ Password-505R
  • Independent 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs including 2 Output relays
  • External Reader Port for Anti-pass back Operation (RF 10/20, RFK 101)

RFK101- Proximity / PIN Pad Reader

  • Up to 4" (10cm) Read Range
  • User Format Available
  • 26 Wiegand, RS232, ABA Track II Magstripe Format with 8 bit burst or 3 x 4 Matrix output Available
  • 3 LED Indicators
  • Dual Beep Tones

RF30- Proximity Card Reader

  • Read Range: Up to 12" (30 cm)
  • User Format Available
  • Wiegand, RS232, ABA Track II Magstripe Format Available
  • PSK,FSK,ASK Modulation
  • Epoxy Potted
  • 100% Waterproof


IDA 150 / 200- Active RF Card

IDA 150

  • 54W x 86L x 4.5T (mm)
  • 125 Hz Active Type

IDA 200

  • 72W x 99L x 6T (mm)
  • 125 Hz Active type

RF70- Proximity Card Reader

  • Reading Range: IDC80 (12KHz)- Up to 28 inch (70)
  • Reading Range: IDC200 (125KHz)- Upto 7 feet (2.1m)
  • User Format Available
  • Wiegand, RS232, ABA Track II Magstripe Format Available
  • Epoxy Potted
  • 100% Waterproof

IDC80 / 170 / IDK50- Passive RF Card

IDC 80

  • 54W x 86L x 0.8T (mm)
  • 125KHz Passive Type


  • 54W x 86L x 1.7T (mm)
  • 125KHz Passive Type


  • 46W x 28L x 6T (mm)
  • 125KHz Passive Type

PDL100- Proximity Door Lock

  • Proximity Door Lock with Built-in Proximity Reader
  • 512 Card Holders and one Master card, Battery Operation (30,000 opening)
  • Card Data retains without Battery
  • Two Color LED and Internal Buzzer, Initializing Button, Low Battery Alarm
  • 5 sec. Door Time (fixed), Mode Setting for Manual/Auto Lock function
  • Wake up for 5 sec. to read proximity Card by Infrared Sensor


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